Sunday, September 6, 2015

Musicland! Branson, MO

I hear the camper crying out on long weekends - "Please, take me out..." So we had to oblige. Labor Day weekend sent us to Musicland Campground in the heart of Branson, and a wonderful camping experience. It's a beautiful terraced park, well maintained, and just behind the Titanic at 76 and Gretna. We will definitely stay here again.

Some high points of the weekend: stopped at a Dollar General in Alpena, AR and found their camping supplies 70% off. Came out of there with a whole bunch of stuff for $22.  Then, Coleman Outlet was having a truckload sale and we got a bunch of bargains there...cast iron Dutch oven for $30, 13x9 canopy for $60, and an electric cooler that was half price.  Finally a good option since the refrigerator in the trailer is still not working.

Tried trout fishing on the White River just below Tablerock Lake dam but no joy, but it was still fun. So back to the campground for some relaxation.

It's about 90*F with high humidity but we're still outside and enjoying it!  Amazing the difference when you're camping vs. being at home.


  1. i love your trailer and i also have a Rainbow, 1955 which was restored in 2010.

  2. my name is bess and i would like to share my photos of my trailer. how do i do that?