Monday, December 29, 2014

Still Breaking Her In

After having the kids at our home for Christmas, Tracy and I decided to take the Rainbow out to a campground in the Ozarks we have heard about but never been to - Long Pool Recreation Area.  It's about 20 miles north of Russellville, Arkansas.

I headed out on Friday and set up camp, then came back home and picked her up after she got off work. We ate dinner at CJ's (Russellville) and then headed up to Long Pool.

It's a beautiful camping spot. There was one other trailer in the whole campground so we pretty much had it to ourselves.

It rained Friday night and most of Saturday, so it was indoor forced relaxation, which we really enjoy when you don't have to feel guilty about it!  Found out that one of the roof seams is leaking so I need to work on sealing that, but the air conditioner was bone dry!

I should add that this time, I used all the side and center framework poles for the awning. It was much more trim than the first time we set it up, and actually made it quite easy to manage the rain water. When it started raining, I simply lowered the three poles on the outside edge and the water easily ran off without collecting in big pools on the awning itself.

On Sunday we drove about 15 miles north to King's Bluff and Pedestal Rocks. We had never been there before but would highly recommend it!  One of the unusual sights in Arkansas.

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