Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Born Again

I should have posted earlier to bring that sense of anticipation, but...

On Monday, January 5th I dropped the Rainbow at Mason's Body and Paint on Wheeler Ave. in Fort Smith. I liked Mason immediately - he's a believer, and he really enjoys vintage and old cars. So when I started talking about him painting the Rainbow and told him the history, it really captured his fancy. I had to pick out a paint color and we found the original color, Coral, from a 1957 Ford paint catalog.

I picked up the trailer on January 20th, and here was my first look at it...

I took a few more pictures at home, and then hauled it to Creekmore Park to get a few more. I am so impressed with the work that Nathaniel Mason did, and his special little touch on the back was really neat.  I think my dad would be pleased.

Mason had a print shop reproduce the original Rainbow decal as closely as possible - they got close, and he printed me about 10 of the decals that someone online might be interested in.

Mason told me that while it was in the paint shop, a guy walked around it 10 times. Mason finally let him see the inside, and the guy wondered if we would sell it. Mason told him that he didn't think so.

While I was at the park just taking a few pictures, a gentleman came by and asked if I was interested in selling it.  Sorry - but she's been Born Again and staying in the family.  This is going to be fun.

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