Saturday, January 31, 2015

"Dirtybird" State Park, OK

The last weekend in January we visited some friends in Blanchard, OK, near Oklahoma City.  We camped out at Thunderbird State Park, about 12 miles east of Norman.

We thought the park was beautiful.  Well maintained, lots of mountain bike trails, very clean, and a nature center.  The campground we stayed in was on the south side of the lake on Highway 9.
This was our first camping adventure since the repaint.

I should have put the awning out, just to get the full landscape of the Rainbow, but it's really a good thing I didn't.  Saturday was beautiful - about 50 degrees and clear skies.  Sunday, on the other hand, was still clear but about 30 with 60 m.p.h. winds and would have ripped the awning to shreds.

We would definitely stay here again.  The ironic thing we found out at church on Sunday in Blanchard - Thunderbird S.P. has a local nickname of "Dirtybird"...evidently they find more bodies in this lake than any other in the Oklahoma City area.  Well, we didn't see any and that would not prevent us from staying there again!

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