Sunday, July 5, 2015

Glacier! Friday to Tuesday.

Tracy and I had never been to Glacier National Park.  We had always heard it was worth the trip, but at 7 hours north of Yellowstone, it's a long way north!  During our stay, we got as close as 22 miles south of the Canadian border.

It was a lot of fun sharing this experience with Tracy's sister Toni, husband John, and two of their grandkids, Bubba (Erick Jr.) and Nathan.

A dwarf among giants.  John and Toni's rig is the Sprinter on the left.
We stayed at North American RV Park in Coram, Montana.  It was only about 5 miles from the entrance at West Glacier and not far from Hungry Horse and Columbia Falls.

Found a replacement hubcap at an antique yard on the highway outside Columbia Falls! The guy had some very interesting vehicles...a running 1949 4-door Chevy in original condition and complete for $3,500; and a rare 1929 Erskine Roadster. He said it was the only one left in the world - $12,000.  We left with a $20 hubcap we needed, but if I had a way to get it home I would have seriously considered the Chevy.

Ah, Glacier!

Glacier was gorgeous.  Beautiful, crystal clear water, mild temperatures and cool nights.  The trout were elusive, at least for us.  We caught several small ones but the large ones just looked and laughed at us. Good thing dinner didn't depend on fish.
We found Polebridge 22 miles south of the border on a dirt road. Completely off the grid, they get their bakery going at 4:00 am every day and specialize in Huckleberry Bear Claws and Macaroons.  They also have a full restaurant. Browsing through the mercantile store was really fun and interesting.  Wonder what their winters are like!
Going to the Sun Road...

A harrowing road with a length limit of 21 feet, Going to the Sun Road is an engineering marvel. Built in the 1930's, the road scales the side of glaciers and is only open about 3 months out of the year.  Locals told us that an RV driver made the news the week before by getting his rig stuck and shut down the road.  There were places we had to fold the mirrors in to either miss the opposing traffic or the cliff, but the sights were spectacular.

There's a mountain just east of this location called Three Divide Peak.  The literature says that where a raindrop falls on this peak, within one square inch, will make a difference on whether that water falls north and ends up in the Hudson Bay, west and ends up in the Columbia River and Pacific Ocean, or east to the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico.  Glacier was a sight to see and well worth the trip.

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