Sunday, July 5, 2015

Homeward Bound 😥

One of the saddest pictures on the trip...Glacier and the mountains in the rearview mirror.

We drove the length of Montana on Tuesday and made it to North Dakota on the "Hi-Line", U.S. Highway 2.  There is a whole lot of nothing but US 2 goes through some really quaint communities that have been the life-blood of the farthest north east-west highway.  Towns like Cut Bank and Havre were fascinating, with Amtrak and freight trains still serving these communities.  Our attempt was to follow the Lewis and Clark trail.

We got to Williston, ND and saw first-hand what a boom-town looks like. Hundreds of oil companies with millions in equipment, housing, vehicles, and wells.  Oil rigs and fires dotted the landscape for as far as you could see.

We stayed at Lewis and Clark State Park just outside Williston. It started raining through the night but was a beautiful spot for an overnight.

On Wednesday we mapped out our route home south from Williston into South Dakota, through Rapid City and continued south to North Platte, Nebraska.  In Sturgis, I just had to snap a picture with the Rainbow.

We thought Arkansas had a lot of bugs - nothing like Nebraska.  The truck and trailer were plastered with 'em, and it's also where we noticed the temperature beginning to climb.  Oh how we love the mountains.

On Thursday we continued south to Hays, Kansas, and then picked up the familiar I-70 - I-135 - US 412 to the Muskogee Turnpike.  I think it first hit 100 degrees outside just north of Wichita. Ugh.

All in all, 5,000 miles on the Ford and Rainbow that went without a hitch.  Great travels, great memories, and lots of fun telling the story of the Rainbow.

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