Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tetons! - Sunday, June 15

From Cheyenne, it was west on I-80 to Rawlins, then mostly two-lane US 287 all the way to the Tetons.  One interesting thing we stumbled across was the controversial site of Sacajawea's grave in Fort Washakie, Wyoming.

Here's some interesting reading on it, but it reminded us again of the amazing history of the early exploration of the west, and how valuable the knowledge of Native Americans were to Lewis and Clark.

We spent the second night at Flagg Ranch (now called Headwaters) and we were so glad to be in the Tetons.  It's a beautiful campground about 5 miles south of the South Entrance to Yellowstone and we drove through the Tetons to get there. My how we love the Tetons.

It was a beautiful drive with great weather, then turned quite stormy on Monday morning before we left Flagg and headed to West Yellowstone.

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